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Paul Normansell - Audrey Hepburn

Paul Normansell - Audrey Hepburn

Paul’s iconic images are summoned through individually painted dots in high gloss paint on sheet aluminium; this meticulous process creates a flawless reflective quality as if they were literally in a glossy magazine.

Painting each dot individually takes as long as it takes, they’re all different in size, shape and colour, and all applied freehand using a fine brush onto aluminium. There are no shortcuts.

The great drawback with the technique, one that is a constant detriment to Paul’s health, equates to simple physics - the paintings have to be produced horizontally. In order for the paint to stay still long enough to dry where it should, Paul’s aluminium ‘canvas’ cannot be positioned upright on a traditional easel, as gravity causes the paint to sag and run.

Due to Paul’s technique, each piece takes hundreds of hours to complete, to paint a full image made up of individual dots.

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